About Dr. Brian J. Fitz

Dr. Brian J. Fitz is a technology oriented cosmetic dentist.  He has been practicing general dentistry in the Streamwood area for over 30 years and has earned longtime trust in the community.

Dr. Fitz is also a family man and understands first hand how challenging it can be to achieve balance when it comes to  our children's hectic schedules. He attended as many events as possible when his children were growing up; from dance classes, hockey games and track and field events to scholastic award ceremonies.

He graduated from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry where he received two prestigious awards.  The Stanley D. Tillman Award for "Rendering Complete Oral Treatment of the Highest Quality" and the award for "Outstanding Clinical Achievement in a Comprehensive Patient Care Program" are proof of the quality dental care he provides.

Dr. Fitz is unanimously respected among his peers and has memberships in 5 professional dental organizations.

  • American Dental Association

  • Chicago Dental Society

  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  • American Academy of Computerized Dentistry


Over the years, Dr. Fitz has developed a special interest in Implant Dentistry. He has received extensive training in this field and recently participated in a State of the Art course at the World's Leading Implant-Centered Training Facility. 

Not only was this intensive course a valuable learning experience, it was an opportunity to work very closely with amazing dentists on a mission trip to serve the needy.